REDUCE and PREVENT Domestic Violence

In Dominica, gender-based violence is most commonly identified within the family setting. It includes various forms of child abuse, spousal abuse, and abuse of the elderly.

Gender-based violence is a repugnant reality, impacting negatively on the family, the workplace and all other social institutions. Contrary to the stereotyped view of the family as loving, affectionate and gentle, conflict is common within families and households. Unfortunately, traditional societal attitudes encourage family members to use physical force as a primary means of resolving conflict within households. The nature and extent of gender-based violence depends on the ability of families to cope with conflicts once they arise.

The Ministry via the Bureau of Gender Affairs is one of the Government’s lead agencies working to further gender equality and women’s empowerment, and to address the physical and emotional consequences of gender-based violence. Our programming offers psychosocial support and promotes the right of all women and girls to live free of violence and abuse.

Our Vision

To function as a catalyst for the improved spiritual, social and economic well-being of the populace and to facilitate the transition to a more just society.

Our Mission

To promote spirituality, strengthen family structures and develop human and social capital via the provision of support to the most vulnerable segments of society, reduction of inequality and gender discrimination and improved access to opportunities.