The Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Community Development has responsibility for Sports and Playing Facilities, Sports Council, Sports Stadium, Art and Culture, Local Government, Community Development, Cemeteries, Village Councils, Community Day of Service, National Emblems, Independence Celebrations, Cooperatives and Postal Services.

Honourable Gretta Roberts
Hon. Minister
Mr. Lucien Blackmoore
Permanent Secretary

This Month:


Observance Date
Junior Cooperative Week Jan 26th – Feb 1st
World Cancer (collaborate with Ministry of Health) Feb 4th
International Women's Day Mar 8th
Local Government Month May 1st – 31st
International Day of Families May 15th
Adult Education Division Sep 1st - Sep 31st
World Literacy Day Sept 8th
World Rural Women's Day Oct 15th
World Food Day (collaborate with Ministry of Agriculture) Oct 16th
Observance Date
Memorial (Veteran’s) Day Nov 11th
International Men's Day Nov 19th
Universal Children's Day (collaborate with Child Protection Unit) Nov 20th
16 Days of Activism Campaign against Gender Violence  Nov 25th – Dec 10th
International Day to Reject Violence Against Women Nov 25th 
World AIDS Day (collaborate with NHARP) Dec 1st
International Day of Persons with Disabilities Dec 3rd
Family Fun Day (Last Sunday during the 16th Days Campaign) Dec 8th

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Our Vision

To function as a catalyst for the improved spiritual, social and economic well-being of the populace and to facilitate the transition to a more just society.

Our Mission

To promote spirituality, strengthen family structures and develop human and social capital via the provision of support to the most vulnerable segments of society, reduction of inequality and gender discrimination and improved access to opportunities.